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The latest iOS 7 operating system from Apple is quite an improvement over previous versions.
The sad part though is that it still lacks severely in terms of additional functionality that iPhone users have been enjoying for quite some time now. The latest iOS is quite disappointing as far as jailbroken iPhone users are concerned and they will most probably be jailbreaking their iPhones after installing the update as well. In fact, there may even be many more users who get sick and tired of waiting for Apple to improve personalization options and finally jailbreak their iPhones. When you jailbreak your iOS 7 device, you will be able to install any of the 3rd party Cydia apps available there. Apps which are rejected by Apple usually end up here. You can also customize your iPhone a great deal after it is jailbroken.
Now, let’s take a look at a couple of the apps you can use when you jailbreak your iPhone:
1. Browser chooser

Are you tired of using Safari for all your surfing needs? With this app you can change the default web browser on your iPhone to another web browser installed at the time. This would make life a lot easier wouldn’t it? Apple does have its reasons for locking Safari in though. They would want to promote their own browser on their devices. But we all know it isn’t the best mobile browser out there don’t we?
2. Nonewsisgoodnews

Almost every iPhone user has cursed Apple for locking the Newsstand application on their home screen. Not many Apple users use this feature and this is another example of Apple just trying to push some of its other products down their customer’s throats. Lucky for you, with this app you can finally remove the newsstand app from your home screen. Good riddance.
The above mentioned apps might just be the perfect solution to two of the biggest problems faced by iPhone users. Just imagine what else a jailbroken iPhone can do.
Don’t be swayed by Apple when you hear them claim that jailbreaking your iPhone can cause a lot of problems in your device and may even lead to stability issues. The only truth in what they say is that they will void the warranty if your iPhone is jailbroken. Apart from that you have nothing to worry about. I hate to say this, but jailbreaking has been around for more than 5 years around and if it actually did cause problems in the iPhone, someone would have spoken up about it by now.
And as far as the warranty problem is concerned, there is a very simple solution for that as well. All you need to do is take a backup of your original iOS through iTunes before jailbreaking it. This way, you can just restore the original iOS to your iPhone whenever you need to visit an Apple service station and no one will get to know that you had once jailbroken your iPhone. So what are you waiting for? Jailbreak your iPhone today.


Jailbreak iOS 7.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2, 7.0.3, 7.1 Status

There are so many of you wondering when the iOS 7,7.0.1,7.0.2,7.0.3 Untethered jailbreak will be released, because some of you have been upgraded to iOS 7 and unable to use many of our jailbreak hacks.

I personally didn’t upgrade my devices to iOS 7 yet because I have to use my device to…

The Appropriate Cydia Apps On Your Jailbroken Iphone Probably Th…


Though the simplicity of the iOS theme is designed to be intuitive as well as user pleasant, from time to time our hearts do yearn for something greater. With Dreamboard (or its prior generation, Winterboard), customers can choose from a generous selection of themes inside the Cydia store as well as set up them onto their units. Dreamboard makes it easy to modify between subject matters – with saved customizable preferences inside of each and every one – in a question of seconds, all without having to reload the springboard. The software comes preloaded with Endroid, if you ever wanted to make your iPhone look like an Android Mobile device. Fair warning: some Dreamboard issues can be a drain on the battery so it’s a little bit a trade-off between aesthetics plus functionality.

Boxor HD subject hooked up with Dreamboard


This software program adds a greater creative stage of defense to jailbroken iOS device than Apple’s typical lock monitor. Stride enables you to design your personal gestural password plus it usually is as uncomplicated or as problematical as you want. Users can exchange the inventory slider definitely or layer their security with a mix of a PIN access, the lock reveal slider, in addition to the drawn Stride password. The Extent of popularity strictness may also be adjusted to permit for some wiggle room to your drawings when you’ve got trouble consistently duplicating the precise gestures time after time.

Intelliscreen X

The updated model of Intelliscreen for iOS 6 shall we customers take keep watch over in their lock screens and notifications by adding a complete new level of customizability some distance past the scope of Apple’s no-frills design. With Intelliscreen X, the lock display takes on a lifetime of its very own as messages, e mail, Fb, Twitter, Climate, and quite a lot of other purposes should be would becould very well be considered or even, to a certain extent, accessed without unlocking the monitor. Likewise, the notification approach – a rather pithy portion of iOS – is seriously beefed up with an array of introduced purposes such as Mail, Twitter as well as Facebook integration.


Activator is a simple, honest software program that lets customers customize their iPhone’s controls. You’ll play your iPhone like a well-designed mess around with homestead button possibilities like long dangle or even brief hold plus single, double, and triple press. Action as well as voice controls might also be personalized to accomplish numerous duties like commencing or activating assigned apps.


It’s no secret that the iOS digicam software program leaves a thing to be desired. CameraTweak addresses some considerations users have had with the cameras on their iDevices by adding several possibilities to maximize their photography journey. The application comes with a timer perform, white stability adjustment, publicity as well as focal point settings, video frame price and determination preferences, plus composition overlays.

PKG Backup

As any jailbroken iOS device owner is familiar with, upgrading and/or restoring the device isn’t the simplest assignment on earth. Firmware updates from Apple can undo the jailbreak, forcing users to begin from rectangular one if they wish to reinstall their tweaks. PKG Backup untangles that mess by backing up third party Cydia apps on the cloud or a computer in addition to restoring them devoid of the user having to wreck a sweat.


I quite simply admit to jailbreaking my device just to use this program. Few things have driven iOS users to such critical levels of irrational annoyance because the ever present Newstand app. The icon, with its vengeful little empty shelves, has been an eyesore on many a device or even for motives that also perplex or even disgruntle, Apple had designed it so that it was practically unattainable to hide it in a folder with your complete preloaded apps nobody uses. Newstand was once basically there, taunting you with its obdurate refusal to vanish. Yet not. Installing NoNewsIsGoodNews within the Cydia store makes the Newstand exe application disappear in a metaphorical puff of smoke in order that it haunts your monitor not.

Dashboard X 2 .0

Apple’s dislike for widgets is well known but Dashboard X 2 .0 makes you the master of your universe by enabling extremely effortless installation of widgets proper on the home reveal. After deciding to buy the app because of Cydia, customers can pimp out their dwelling house screens with numerous free widgets, like a tune player, live weather facts, clocks, in addition to calendars simply to title just a few. Widgets are, as regularly, a bit of a battery suck so it’s prudent to understand of ways a whole lot juice your cellphone has left if you happen to cross widget-mad.


Apple’s very own messaging software is reasonably bare bones, yet biteSMS adds a slew of options to amp up your messaging trip. As Soon As the app is hooked up, customers can select from a number of customizable possibilities that includes which buttons look on reply windows (read, mark for later, Skype, Facetime, etc .), listing favored contacts, and choosing templates. Though it might probably not prove more economically pleasant counting on your iDevice’s plan, biteSMS additionally affords the choice of purchasing credits to apply on their lonesome network.


If you’re feeling adventurous, iFile grants entry to your iPhone’s document process, permitting you delve into the nitty gritty details of your device’s software. Playing With the root directory isn’t recommended for the informal user, but for those with the technical know-how, access to the iPhone’s innards can open up a whole new world of possibilities for keep an eye on and customization. Apple’s strict OS prohibits tampering with the file supervisor, but iFile puts the user within the driver’s seat because the software allows for copying, editing, and renaming archives, installing exe application packages, as well as even transforming the device into a flash drive.


The Appropriate Cydia Apps on your Jailbroken iPhone
Probably The Most helpful apps for your hacked Apple device.

The Appropriate Cydia Apps On Your Jailbroken Iphone Probably The Most Helpful Apps For Your Hacked Apple Device. When The Ios 6 Jailbreak Was Unveiled In February, Iphone Custom...On Your Jailbroken Iphone The Most Invaluable Apps For Your Hacked Idevice. When The Ios 6 Jailbreak Was Once Unveiled In February, Iphone Users Had Fu...

When the iOS 6 jailbreak was unveiled in February, iPhone customers had fun at their newfound freedom, offering entry to new widgets, beneficial new apps, as well as more. To Assist the ones new to the Apple device jailbreaking neighborhood, we have now rounded up the finest free as well as paid apps on your freshly unchained Apple device.


Though the simplicity of the iOS theme is designed to be intuitive as well as user pleasant, from time to time our hearts do yearn for something greater. With Dreamboard (or its prior generation, Winterboard), customers can choose from a generous selection of themes inside the Cydia store as well as set up them onto their units. Dreamboard makes it easy to modify between subject matters – with saved customizable preferences inside…

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What is the Cydia?

App store apps run on all the iDevices such as iPhones, iPads, iPod touches and Apple TVs.

We Can’t say that, those app’s disadvantages, such as those are not good, not compatible, not easy to use and more. Actually, those apps are very valuable to run your iDevice. However, Cydia gives some value for your’s iDevice than the normal app store apps. Course Cydia is a real replacement package, real source manager, real alternative application for the App stores’s apps. It can change your iDevice’s usage completely up to you. If App store apps help to run iDevices, it can’t customize as you wish. Cydia is not like that. It is a really awesome application, which you help to customize your iDevice as your wish. We can say like that, “ your iDevice also is not your’s, without Cydia”.

I like to introduce some few features of Cydia. There are five main categories in the “Cydia Download Center”.

01. Home

This category is used to introduce sponsored apps of Cydia, to give Cydia account information and to change important settings.

02. Section

It gives Cydia applications with categories via this tab.

03. Changes

This tab can be used to find new Cydia apps and tweaks.

04. Manage

From this category, you can add sources, can access to Cydia storage and remove programs. This category divides another three sub categories.


You can view or remove packages, which you have already installed.


You can see the list of current sources, and also you can add any sources via this category.


You may know the storage capacity for new packages.

05. Search

You can search any Cydia applications, tweaks or programs with using search tab.

What is the Cydia

* Both of these sites are available daily updated and 100% trusted details. You can use these details without any doubt to download and install Cydia for your iDevices just for free.

* Use any sites to download and install Cydia for iOS 8.1 with Pangu8 tool as untethered for Windows users. Mac version is coming soon.

01. Cydia installer site.


02. Download Cydia site.

cydia download


Cydia is a real alternative and 100% free application for almost all iDevices such as iPhones, iPads, iPod touches and the Apple TVs . It is a third party application, which you want to download outside for the iDevices. There are available for many more system plugging, themes, game, free trial apps and many more apps under the Cydia application. Those apps work as real alternative apps for App store’s apps. It has introduced by Jay Freeman (Saurik) as full and free application. If you download…

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